Case Study

Case 1: Our client was a fast growing fashion designer company with the manufacturers based in China and Thailand. Due to the lack of the proper financial planning, the working capital is very tight. We were engaged to resuscitate a cash strapped company on the verge of bankruptcy and improve relationships with creditors and set up the financial system in places. As a result, turned a loss making business around with net profit increasing eightfold within 12 months and improved the provision of credit facilities.

Case 2.  We assisted a Japanese client whose principal activity was entertainment products, manufactured in Germany and Austria,  successfully bring Foreign VAT service, previously outsourced to PwC, trained the staff and implemented the system back in-house reducing £100k costs per annum.

Case 3 . Our client was a successful distributor with several offices across worldwide; we assisted them in smoothly handling field of the audit and investigation by HMRC with no additional tax levied.

Case 4. We helped a UK client to set up the new company in Beijing, after investigating and reviewing all possible options and present the detailed analysis together with revenue/costs forecast, coming up with our recommendations.

Case 5. We were engaged by a Japanese listed company with the UK subsidiary, which requires SOX implementation by the regulation, we helped to establish key controls for processes to enable the completion of SOX including procurement, revenue and reporting process, minimising and control risks of each process and successfully passing the audit by Ernst & Young.

Case 6. We advised, our client, a leading foreign publishing company, got very involved in setting new and robust processes and implement a new system, provided group reporting and, whilst also managing the integration of merge, helping upgrade the IT systems and restructure the Finance Department after its acquisition.

Case 7. We assisted to evaluate the information and prepare the due diligence report for the new acquisition in Japan on behalf of our client based in the UK, set up the efficient process for the combined business and working closely with non-financial professionals in terms of forecasts as well as upgrading IT system, monthly financial reports under IFRS back to the UK head-office.

Case 8. We were engaged by the management of a publishing company to advise and assist in the restructuring of its bank debt. We assessed the company’s strategic plan, and built an integrated 5-year financial model with the detailed production modelling and assisted management in the development of a revised business plan. In result, the restructuring was successfully concluded on favourable terms, enabling the company to carry out operational improvements designed to enhance revenue/profitability and cash flow on a sustainable basis.

Case 9. We were approached by a fashion retailer with overseas outlets, asked us to review the accounting function structure and set up the internal control procedures to manage the key risks in the business. As a result, we successfully assisted the company in the savings of £200k Per annum.

Case 10. We provided our client, a family owned business, ongoing support, ad-hoc analysis to review the major Problems, came up with successful solutions on revenue models and financial risks and implemented the proper financial system in place. At the end, our client successfully obtained the external finance facility.

Case 11. We were approached by an Italian trading company, assisted with the new company set up and involved in registering in accordance with the government compliance and the recruitment of  the  local professionals.

Case 12. We were requested to review the operations of a major consumer products distributor. Following its change of business model, the company had invested significantly in marketing and infrastructure, with a significant proportion of the payments in foreign-currency. We reviewed and challenged the main assumptions in the business plan, also reviewed cash management and contingency planning measures as well as capital expenditure plans. We built a flexible and simplified finance model, result in accommodating the impact of performance enhancement.