Merge & Acquisition

When the economic situation is bad, assets become relatively cheap, many of  the acquisitions are well-timed, and companies have grown wise and  chosen companies that are financially sound.

Other companies may have to grow to survive, and one of the best ways to grow is by merging or acquiring with another company. In addition, some  small businesses find that the best way to grow, rather than compete  against larger firms is to merge with or acquire other small businesses.

In principle, the decision to merge or acquire another firm is a capital  budgeting decision. But the accounting, tax, and legal aspects of a  merger can be complex. Mergers often involve issues of corporate control and are a means of replacing existing systems or / and management.

What We Do?

In addition to due diligence report on target business, we also carry out  search on behalf of clients for potential targets in Japan, China, Hong  Kong and the United Kingdom. W-IT would advise clients and negotiate  terms of transactions.

After managing M&A, W-IT would assist your business with the challenge of merging disparate systems and upgrading IT systems, restructuring the  finance department following the acquisition.