Business Turnaround

WIT advise and support owner-managed and middle-market businesses to overcome / turnaround financial and operational challenges.

Working capital

Cash is King’ – if the business is short of fund to pay off debts and daily costs, doesn’t matter the business are profitable or no need to wait until the year-end, the business itself is in potential insolvency troubles. Therefore, The ability of a business to manage and maximise its cash generation capacity is a key contributor to healthy survival, particularly in a challenging market environment.

Being able to identify when pinch-points will occur and to quantify funding requirements with sufficient advance warning is a must for any business. If your business shows any of the following symptoms, we can advise and help you to obtain important improvements:

  1. a) Accounts receivable increasing in terms of days’ sales.
  2. b) Suppliers pressing for improved credit terms.
  3. c) Inventories growing in terms of days’ production, but stock-outs are increasing.
  4. d) Operating units sitting on cash buffers.
  5. e) Lenders exerting pressure to reduce overdraft facilities.

Performance Enhancement

W-IT carry out a critical evaluation of your current business strategy, your markets, competition, products or services, organisation and management. We will help you identify areas where operational performance can be sustainably improved, through specific initiatives and provide implementation support, with a view to improving profitability and cash generation.

Internal Control procedures

Internal controls create safeguards to prevent certain Fraud prevention in the company, such as segregation of duties; verify the accounting data being recorded accurately and completely; and even could help companies to review operational performance. Nowadays, the successful company need a comprehensive range of factors to access, should not only relying on financial performance measurements, also utilising non financial performance indicators, eg. How efficient the company operates? How quickly are complaints dealt with? How long does it take to process the order?

Independent Business Review

Where a business is underperforming, in distress or facing a crisis, stakeholders will invariably require an Independent Business Review to be carried out in order to clarify the situation for all affected parties and to identify the available options.

An independent Business Review has the following key features: a) Identifies the key challenges and issues facing the business. b) Determines the drivers of recent underperformance. c) Analyses underlying strengths and the reliability of management’s plans and expectations. d) Challenges key forecast assumptions to obtain a clear view on future financial prospects. e). Proposes and quantifies available options. WIT assist you by providing a clear view of the current position of the business, from both financial and operational viewpoints, and of its short, medium and long-term prospects. This will enable a rebuilding of trust, leading to a speedy business turnaround.