Business set up

W-IT provides market entry consulting services to the companies who are  considering entering the markets in Japan, China, Hong Kong and the  United Kingdom, whether to set up a representative office, open a branch office, or establish a company or Joint Ventures.

To start a business in overseas countries could be sometimes complicated  due to local regulations, different tax systems and so on. However, each of type of business entity has pros and cons affected by cost, and  legal issues, tax, and government regulations, as well as practices  accepted by local employees, customers and suppliers all these factors require careful consideration.

Why need A Company?

If you are conducting business activities in these territories (i.e.  buying and selling products or services), as you are liable to the tax  (including personal tax, or/and corporate tax, value added tax) and  filing the accounts in accordance with statutory legal requirements.

In addition, if your overseas office has at least one employee, you most  likely will need to provide social insurance as an employer. Providing  that insurance requires doing a payroll locally and that requires income tax and national insurance withholding, and compulsory forms to be  completed each year to the government body.

What We Do?  W-IT will help you decide if a legal entity is necessary. If a legal  entity is required, W-IT manages all aspects of starting a business in  the overseas countries, supporting you select the right type of entity,  establishing that entity, setting up a bank account, registering  employees for national insurance.

Once your business is set up, W-IT provides comprehensive back office  services including payroll, administration, accounting, tax, and IT support.